Xpert-Timer 8

Project time tracking, To-Do list, reports and billing tool

Xpert-Timer is a simple application that will help you improve your project management and your billing process, letting you identify your time killers, thus optimizing your workflow.
This program lets you create a time billing process so you can bill exactly the time you and your team dedicate to a project, generating a client report. The application can run in the background giving you a toolbar with the tools to start working on a specific project, pause it, stop it, and get quick access to your projects list and other features. When you install the program, it asks you whether you will use it for a team or for an individual, and lets you choose which modules you will use - such as a to-do list, a reporting module, an activity report; and even lets you synchronize it with a laptop or desktop computer.

The program has a well-designed interface that allows you to have the control of the entire project without worrying about the timer: it can be set up to pause any project for a period of inactivity, and then you can just click the green arrow icon when you continue your work. The interface lets you know every detail of each project, such as the client, the project name, the cost of the billable work time so far, and you can also add some stopped time or scheduled time when you know you won´t be working.

The tool bar integrates perfectly with the system, so while you work on your usual applications, the Xpert-timer is working in the background counting the time for each open task or project. You can also enter manual data for non-computer work.

Eduardo Trejo
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  • Low consumption of computer resources, installs very easy, interface well distributed and easy to follow the data, capabilities for exporting to Excel, word, text formats and pdf, mail it, print it, whatever you want


  • When you create a project, it asks you for a project number, the software doesn't make it consecutive, so you can have several projects with the same number
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